Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is not only a social concern due to both active acne and past scars, but it is also extremely painful.

There is a lot of advertising double-talk and half-truths that are prevalent in the world of acne managements. With a choice of literally hundreds of acne managements on the market, many of which seem to make little difference to resolving the acne and can make choosing the correct solution both daunting and frustrating.

Two Main Types of Acne

  1. Inflammatory Acne:

  2. This type of acne includes inflamed pores, cysts, lesions, and extremely sensitive bumps that are typically called "zits" or "pimples". This type of acne can be extremely painful and noticeable.

  3. Non-Inflamed Acne:

  4. This type of acne is usually separated into two categories: whiteheads and blackheads. These non-inflamed blemishes are called comedones. This kind of blemish will either surface and heal, or if the follicle wall ruptures, it will turn into an inflammatory blemish.

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Acne can appear all over the body, but most commonly, the face, back, and chest. You will experience inflammations commonly referred to as pimples in the form of papules, pustules, nodules, comedones, and cysts.

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Adolescent and Adult Acne Management

With our knowledge of experiences of fellow physicians nationwide that have had a high success rate in dealing with difficult cases of acne, let us help you. We feel that we can make great strides in solving your skin issue, which is both socially and psychologically troubling, but also bears the possibility of lifelong residual scarring of your skin. We want to work towards preventing this.

We have some really good product experiences that are combined with correcting hormonal imbalances, giving you direction about correcting dietary habits , which is imperative in eliminating and preventing recurrent acne. The supplements we administered are safe, which essentially decrease the oiliness of your skin, and with "natural" not pharmaceutical antibiotics combat infections of the glands of your skin that give rise to the various forms of acne.

At the Houston Wellness Clinic we will show you how both adolescent and adult acne can be cleared up naturally by finding the source of the issue. Many types of common acne managements use harsh chemicals to alleviate the symptoms. The doctor is dedicated to more than just managing symptoms; he finds the root of the problem. At the Houston Wellness Clinic we perform a number of tests to exclude food allergies acne, incorrect hormone levels, and other common causes. Once this is done, our integrative medicine specialist will determine exactly what your body is lacking, or what it needs to get rid of, to clear acne and achieve a better complexion. Through our personalized evaluation based on your testing, the recommended therapy may include nutritional supplements, herbals, lifestyle changes, and more.

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