HBOT for Acute Traumatic Ischemia / Compartment Syndrome


Indications here include all causes of vascular ischemia to a region which results in non-function, disturbances of micro-circulation, edema, and plugging of capillaries by white cells. Not only is the tissue site in question benefitted, but also cardiac and respiratory function is improved.

Acute Traumatic Ischemia Management

In compartment syndrome, surgical decompression is mandated as an adjunct. Salvage of extremities can occur with combined application of HBOT and Dextran infusion.

In cases of acute ischemia, the oxygen tissue only remains elevated for one hour in muscles, and three hours in subcutaneous tissues following each HBOT session, so frequent managements are necessary.

In addition to reducing muscular damage, HBOT aids nerve tissue recovery. It is also useful in conditions of acute compromise of an already narrowed vascular as seen in Buerger's disease, atherosclerotic narrowing, frostbite, diabetic vascular disease, or radiation vasculitis.

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