Managing ADD & ADHD with HBOT


Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention, Hyperactivity Disorder demonstrates certain characteristic behavioral patterns, which include hyperactivity, easily distracted personality, failure to concentrate, impatience in listening to conversation, and even extreme moodiness. A decreased attention span and reaction time exists.

These specific behaviors need to be excessive and sustained. There are multiple etiologies for this disorder, including a genetic component. Both exposure to mold biotoxins and infection with the Lyme spirochete can give rise to a similar syndrome. Back to Top

ADD & ADHD Management

HBOT when used in cases of mold biotoxin exposure or in Lyme disease show significant improvements in symptomatology. The symptoms that may be relieved with mold exposure include severe headaches, poor concentration, memory loss, and dermatological changes of a dry skin and itchy eyes. Abnormalities of flow on SPEC T Imaging are seen, as well as, improvement in lung function in these mold-exposed patients. Back to Top

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