Tendonitis and arthritis are rheumatic diseases that produce swelling and pain in the joints, tendons and muscles of the body. Some of these conditions occur over years of “wear and tear” on the joints, like osteoarthritis, while other types of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis occur when the immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks the lining of the joints, causing pain, swelling and a deterioration of the lining.

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Symptoms of Arthritis and Tendonitis

Typical tendonitis/arthritic symptoms affecting the joints are:

  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Redness and warmth

Typical tendonitis/arthritic symptoms affecting the entire body are:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle aches

Some symptoms are described by patients as “flu-like,” but less intense and lasting longer.

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Managing Arthritis and Tendonitis

If you have inflammation of a joint or tendon, you may have heard a steroid injection can help relieve the pain. New studies prove that these shots are not only worthless, but dangerous. A study done on 43 tennis elbow patients demonstrated after one year, patients who received a steroid injection experienced one of two outcomes: less improvement than those given a placebo, or a complete recovery. Recoveries seemed to be owed to physical therapy (See Journal of American Medical Association: May 2013).

A better alternative to steroid injections is Prolozone, which is a risk-free injection of oxygen/ozone gas into the joint. At Houston Wellness Clinic, we combine our Prolozone injections with supplements that increase/encourage collagen formation and use anti-inflammatory homeopathic supplements that work synergistically with the oxygen injection to speed up recovery.

This therapy works in most painful joints, including the joints of the back, and all varieties of tendonitis, including Achilles’/De Quervain’s contracture of the finger, bicipital and rotator cuff tendonitis, frozen shoulder, and plantar fasciitis of the feet.

Occasionally, when joint issues are related to teeth problems, we can inject small amounts of procaine (0.3%) around the tooth in question, which often gives immediate partial or complete resolution of the joint pain. Concomitant ozone injection of the ankle often results in complete resolution of the pain as well. Contact the Houston Wellness Clinic for more information on ozone therapy or to schedule an appointment.

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