Managing Autism with HBOT


Autism is a complex disorder with neurological, endocrinological , immunological and gastrointestinal components. The disorder arises from genetic factors, environmental exposures to toxic materials, and an atypical response to common childhood diseases. Nutritional deficiencies can occur that result from severe gastrointestinal dysbiosis that is associated with autism. Back to Top

Autism Management

HBOT is one of the few bio-medical managements for Autism. Autistic children may sustain birth injuries, similar to those children that have brain injuries at birth (without the other features of Autism). HBOT helps to put the brain back "in balance", similar to individuals who sustain brain injury from ischemic events. Prior to HBOT, significant SPECT imaging changes may be seen within these autistic brains, which demonstrates significant improvement in blood flow following HBOT. Clinically, significant improvements are seen when SPECT imaging demonstrates increased blood flow.A multi-pronged approach to autistic children should be undertaken where HBOT is combined with removing heavy metals, correcting the gastrointestinal dysbiosis, ridding the body of infections, and administering RNA precursors with concomitant correction of methylation defects in the cellular metabolic pathways.

When used in conjunction with proper supplements, HBOT’s ability to increase blood flow to the brain has lead to significant improvements in overall functioning for patients on the autism spectrum. Areas of improvement include but are not limited to language reception, social interaction, eye contact as well as sensory and cognitive awareness. In clinical trials, best results were seen after 40 one-hour treatments administered vie days at a time, with two days off in between treatments.

With successful combined therapies there is a gratifying improvement in the level of pain, the child's communication/social skills, and elimination of the troublesome gastrointestinal symptoms. Back to Top

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