Bioidentical Hormones Therapy in Houston, TX

At the Houston Wellness Clinic, the administration of bioidentical hormones is very unique due to the protocol of administering these hormones in close conjunction to the patient's endogenous production, which is measured in the blood, saliva, and urine. Each individual patient most likely needs a separate mix of these hormones in varying amounts so our center individualizes each dose to make sure it is the most effective for each body. This also prevents symptoms since the doses are tweaked on a regular basis to reflect levels in the body. Once the optimal amounts of hormones are found for each patient, symptoms will disappear.

Further measures are taken to reduce the incidence of cancer in the organs that are hormone-dependant, by aggressive supplementation to reduce the levels of "bad" estrogens (normally produced in the body) and in men to reduce estrogen levels that cause "feminization", decreased sexual desire and performance, and increased prostate cancer. Furthermore, supplements are also given to decrease the level of DHT (di-hydroxy testosterone) that is implicated in prostate swelling and prostate cancer (like estrogens) and in the incidence of increased hair loss. Hormone replacement is also helpful in patients that have tumors such as breast cancer, where progesterone has an anti-cancer effect if tumors are not progesterone-positive in their receptors.

The indications for bio-identical hormones is multi-fold, in addition to the above indications, they may also relieve conditions such as; menopause, migraine, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, PMS, endometriosis etc. Dr. Allibone has studied bioidentical hormones in depth and has a wide range of experience in specialty managements using these hormones. The clinic works with each patient according to their highly individualized protocol to achieve optimal heath and wellness.

"After reviewing my medical history Dr. Allibone noticed my sister died of breast cancer and asked me why I was taking Premarin... After a few weeks on the bio-identical hormones I was feeling better and my hot flashes were down to a minimum which was something I had not experienced in 12 years..." - Patricia M