Fighting Cancer with HBOT


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has a number of positive effects on the patient who has cancer, and who is receiving cancer therapy. Increased survivals have been shown with pre-radiation HBOT. A lower recurrence rate has also been documented in cancer patients managed with HBOT. HBOT has also shown improvement in patients suffering from radiation myelitis, or “chemo brain,” which occurs in up to 25% of cases receiving full course chemotherapy. Because of this, about half display mild defects while the other half display severe cognitive defects. Back to Top

Cancer Management

HBOT is proven to have a number of positive effects on cancer patients. Patients who benefit from HBOT management tend to suffer from the following:

  • Patients who have cancer and suffer from CFS and Migraines
  • Cancer patients who may be anemic
  • Mucositis and Esophagitis are debilitating conditions of chemotherapy that also complicate Pseudomonas infection. HBOT should significantly increase recovery response.
  • Hand-foot syndrome from various chemotherapeutic agents such as 5-FU, Doxirubin, Docetaxil and Capecitabine due to an underlying vascular degeneration

NB Cancer cells cannot grow when oxygen levels are normal, and it is documented that HBOT does not stimulate angiogenesis. Flooding the cancer cells with high levels of oxygen is probably one of the premier roles HBOT can play in cancer management since cancer cell growth and existence prefers a region of poor oxygenation or anoxia.

HBOT can be a highly useful supplemental therapy for those currently undergoing cancer treatment/recovery in a number of ways.

  • Reduced Cox-2 Expression: HBOT has been shown to minimize the effects of Cox-2, a bodily enzyme that causes inflammation and pain, as well as abnormal growths in the intestinal tract.
  • Reduced Tissue Hypoxia: HBOT can help to combat hypoxia, a bodily failure to deliver needed-oxygen to cells. This has the potential to slow tumor progression, and lessen its resistance to therapeutic treatments.
  • Increased ROS Production: HBOT increases your body’s level of reactive oxygen species, which have been shown to damage tumors.
  • Improved Treatment of Glioblastoma: HBOT has been shown to increase patients’ sensitivity to their cancer treatment while also reducing any resultant radiation damage, and improving neurophysiological performance in long-term brain tumor survivors.

Numerous European studies have shown tumor response to HBOT. It has also shown to decrease metastases after invasive surgical procedures. In fact, HBOT markedly increases healing of post-radiation necrosis. HBOT is also helpful in accelerating healing after chemotherapy-extravasations. Back to Top

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