Chelation is a very specific type of IV Therapy used primarily for the removal of heavy metals from the body including the most prominent; iron, lead, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. These toxic heavy metals in your body may be compromising the function of your body's organs. At Houston Wellness Clinic, we will first help you rule out the presence of these heavy metals and advise you as what to avoid in your diet, and what other factors in your daily living may be contributing to you acquiring these metals, including industrial exposure, smoking, and amalgam fillings. Once we diagnose whether you have any an excess of heavy metals in your body that are a deterrent to normal and optimal function within your body we can help you remove them with oral and intravenous Chelation.

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Conditions It Manages

Chelation therapy was initiated around the 1940's to treat lead poisoning. However, since then many other conditions have seen improvements due to the management especially those dealing with vascular diseases. The environment is full of many toxic metals that due to their unnatural structures easily enter the body but are very difficult to get out. These toxins accumulate and wreak havoc on your body being stored in places such as the liver, kidney, heart and brain creating a broad spectrum of health conditions. Another way Chelation works is to bond with free radicals, stopping cell damage that they cause.

Heavy Metal Overload is the most common reason Chelation is used however, there are many ways Chelation can significantly improve your body's health. All Chelation managements are personalized and will help specifically what's ailing you.

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Management Plan

In summary, this therapy works by administering a man-made Chelation ingredient called EDTA as well as potent vitamins and minerals through the vein. EDTA bonds with heavy metals forming a compound which goes through the kidney and is excreted through the urine therefore removing the harmful metal.

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