Lyme Disease


The approach at Houston Wellness Clinic to Lyme Disease, is initially establishing the diagnosis. Testing in many laboratories is generally regarded as somewhat insensitive. Clinic suspicion coupled with certain laboratory parameters is often helpful, including CD57, C3a, C4a-- complement levels, and the presence of C-6-peptide (we prefer Lab Corp. for these). Further verification if necessary is done through Igenex or Vitamin Diagnostic Labs. Back to Top


Our initial therapy is usually a combination of herbs, utilizing many of the herbs advocated by either Klinghardt or Zhang, or a combination thereof. Acute cases may be initially managed with antibiotics. Antibiotics are also reserved for those cases where herbs after a period of management are sub-optimally effective, as evidenced from clinical findings plus laboratory findings. We also add homeopathic remedies to our managements.

In cases where symptoms suggestive of co-infections like Bartonella , Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma or Rickettsia are present, then definitive testing through Igenex is advised early in the management. Also therapy changes depending upon existing co-infections. Our managements are complimented with specific Rife protocols and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, where needed.

We also have a detoxification protocol if significant herxheimer reaction occurs. Additionally, if other symptoms as a result of primary infection occur, we use specific herbs to address these issues, such as cardiac, joint and muscle pain, neurological, sleep issues etc. In case of severe fatigue, we have intravenous therapy capabilities that include nutritional therapy, mega Vitamin C, Hydrogen peroxide and Chelation IV's where complicating infection such as Candida is present, or heavy metal body burden is present.

Lyme disease causes significant inflammation, which may necessitate anti-inflammatory therapy either with Cox-1, Cox-2-inhibitors or 5-Lox inhibitors, (which are all natural), or with herbs such as Japanese Knotweed or Stefania.

Other factors in the management regimen is restoring collagen breakdown, strengthening the immune system, breaking down the biofilm, supporting the liver and gall bladder, and addressing the chronic fatigue which may include herbal therapy, addressing mitochondrial dysfunction, administering adaptogens and plant stem cell therapy, adrenal support, removing ammonia and antioxidant therapy. There may be psychological issues that present themselves as a result of the infection that has to be addressed. We prefer to address these with platelet transmitter testing, and managing with appropriate amino-acid replacement. Back to Top

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