This disorder involves widespread muscular, joint, and tendon pain or tenderness over a prolonged period of time, or at least three months. This condition is a result of the thickening soft tissue sheath covering the muscles, or myofascia. It shares many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Fibromyalgia has a wide array of causes that need to be identified by targeted testing, blood work, history, and clinical examination. These causes include chronic stress, infections, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, toxicity from heavy metals such as mercury, and nutritional deficiencies. All aspects that may lead to this crippling disorder are thoroughly investigated and considered, including a possible digestive disorder, a disturbed immune system, the antioxidant profile, analysis for the presence of underlying toxic metals, the adrenal gland function, a complete hormonal panel, and the exclusion of an underlying infection such as candidiasis, or chronic viral infections, such as cytomegalovirus.

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  • Widespread pain
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Irritable bladder
  • Chest symptoms
  • Sleep disorders
  • Tension/migraine headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Stiffness upon waking

*This is not a complete list, and if you are experiencing these symptoms it is not guaranteed that you have fibromyalgia.

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At Houston Wellness Clinic we strive to make the correct diagnosis, and offer supportive therapy for the muscular pain, while boosting the immune system and lowering oxidative stress from free radical damage. Once we target the causing agent(s) the doctor can put together a complete management plan that will vary depending on each individual patient but may include lifestyle suggestions, diet changes, supplements, bioidentical hormones, exercise plan, and possible IV therapies.

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