Although headaches are most often due to tension within the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders, there are numerous other underlying reasons why one may be affected. Migraine or cluster headaches especially tend to have other underlying causes. Headaches can be severely and socially incapacitating. In addition, the impact on one's health due to secondary effects such as depression, insomnia, and absence from work may have devastating consequences. Headaches may additionally signal a medical emergency which warrants immediate and aggressive intervention management. This is especially the case when associated symptoms such as double vision, dizziness, confusion, neck stiffness, weakness, deafness or paralysis accompany the headaches. For these above reasons it is important to seek medical advice.

Did You Know There are Five Common Types of Headaches?

  1. Cluster headaches
  2. Sinus headaches
  3. Migraine headaches
  4. Chronic tension headaches
  5. Episodic tension headaches
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At Houston Wellness Clinic, we exclude the underlying conditions which may be causing your headaches such as digestive disorders, heavy metal overload, hormonal imbalances, failure of detoxification that is usually due to liver malfunction, underlying deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, or excluding other underlying conditions that you may not be aware of such as glaucoma or elevated blood pressure. Therapies include correcting nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, reducing oxidative stress due to free radical damage, entertaining different mechanisms to reduce stress, and ensuring the body is free of an underlying infection or chronic inflammation.

In many cases, a simple approach of regular exercise, healthy diet, reducing stress, and adjunctive therapies such as massage and infra-red saunas may suffice. On other occasions a more complicated approach is necessary, when a number of underlying physiological and metabolic issues have to be corrected. In the case of nutritional deficiencies, these can be rapidly reversed and corrected with intravenous therapy. The presence of a heavy metal burden can also be rapidly reversed with intravenous chelation which is relatively inexpensive and extremely safe and effective.

The Houston Wellness Clinic can show you how to stop and prevent headaches. There is no need to suffer through them anymore when the root of the problem can be fixed.

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