High Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure is a term that describes the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries. When the heart is at work contracting, the pressure is at its highest, or systolic. When the heart relaxes, blood pressure is at its lowest, or diastolic. High blood pressure is when the heart is working harder than it should have to when trying to distribute blood through the arteries. Blood pressure is measured with the systolic over diastolic and is categorized into these categories:

  • Normal: 120/80 or below
  • Pre-hypertension: 120/80 - 139/89
  • Hypertension: 140/90 or above

Causes of High Blood Pressure

There are many possible causes that contribute to high blood pressure including poor diet, high intake of sodium, age, weight, lack of exercise, smoking, race, certain medications, family history, and alcohol use. Many times, the factors that can be changed, i.e. obesity, are stronger than those that cannot, i.e. gender. The factors that cannot be changed are by no means a guarantee one will have high blood pressure, but these factors may make someone more susceptible.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

  • No symptoms (this condition is often labeled, "the silent killer" because of the lack of symptoms)
  • If very severe, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, progressive vision loss, headache, and vomiting
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Not managing and controlling raised blood pressure can give rise to long-term adverse consequences, particularly damage to blood vessels from the increased pressure, enlarged heart due to the constant extra work burden, eventual stroke, detached retina, and chronic kidney disease.

In many cases, there is immediate resorting to various anti-hypertensives medications, that often have significant side effects, and control rather than help establish the cause of the high blood pressure. It also appears from recent research that long-term use of anti-hypertensive medication may not significantly affect the patient as it relates to increased lifespan , or preventing complications such as strokes.

We at Houston Wellness adopt a radically different approach, whereby we use numerous natural factors to lower blood pressure to normal levels These measures include providing guidance to what minerals, vitamins , herbs and dietary habits lead to reducing blood pressure. There are also lifestyle changes, technical devices that are cheap and easy to use that lower blood pressure quite markedly.

In the rare cases where some resistance exists, we utilize sophisticated tools to remove calcification from the arterial walls, cut down on inflammatory changes in the arterial wall, repair the cell wall structure in arteries due to aging which together with certain supplements and amino-acids creates increased elasticity of the arteries within the body, resulting in vascular dilatation and consequent lowering of the blood pressure.

Advice is also rendered to you to decrease inflammation of the arterial walls which results in rigidity of the wall, and facilitates/ accelerates vessel wall damage. There are certain natural herbs and foods that are relatively powerful vasodilators that we use in our practice

Raised blood pressure can be normalized in most individuals with a comprehensive approach to the issue. The approach would be to lose excessive weight, promote regular exercise, avoid free radical damage, and eat a sensible diet with potassium and low sodium foods.

Additionally, the doctor will also exclude any toxic burden due to heavy metals. Each patient would be advised at to which supplements they should take to add to the body nutritionally, as well as, supplements that specifically lower blood pressure naturally. Support of the patient's liver to eliminate steroids is also important. Other issues that need to be addressed are appropriate sex hormone, thyroid hormone, and adrenal hormone balance. At the center we use only bioidentical hormones to balance sex hormones.

With meticulous diet, exercise, appropriate supplementation, balancing of hormones and reducing or eliminating stress, our clinic will be successful in a great many cases without the need for prescription medications.

The doctor is very passionate about not just managing symptoms but instead finding the cause of the issue and managing that so the problem will not come back in the future. This natural management plan will guide each patient on the path to long-term, optimal health.

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