Overview of Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurodegenerative conditions have a number of abnormalities in common that are vital for the normal functioning of cells particular to brain cells, or neurons. There tends to be a disorder of the cell membrane and loss of fluidity of cells, including decrease in inter-cellular communication. Secondly, with abnormal membrane function of the mitochondria (energy houses of cells), insufficient energy production occurs and results in suboptimal function of cells, including brain neurones. These neurodegenerative conditions include:

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Management: IV Therapy

In these neurodegenerative disorders abnormal fatty acids build up on the cell membrane, creating rigidity and malfunction. The Houston Wellness Clinic provides managements that reduce the inflammation present, rebuild the normal structure of the cell membrane (and neurones), and set the stage for the normal production of neurotransmitters (that are vital to transmission within the brain of signals). We administer two extremely important facets of management, including substances that stimulate stem cell production and maturation of stem cells in addition to supplements that increase re-myelination (laying down of fat envelope that protects brain cells).

Our management consists of IV injection of the appropriate fatty acids as well as taking the necessary oral supplements that set the stage for repair of the damaged brain cells. With an aggressive IV therapy program of 3 injections or more per week, patients notice gradual and significant improvement. We use extremely small needles with our intravenous managements. Once we have addressed and largely eliminated the troublesome symptoms, patients will move to an oral maintenance program.

Although there are very few lasting therapies for these conditions, the Houston Wellness Clinic's goal is to improve significantly on your condition and life. Make an appointment with us today and learn how we can change your life!