Treating Lyme Disease with HBOT

A negative test does not guarantee the absence of Lyme, nor does a positive test indicate the presence of Lyme. False positives do occur, which is predominantly lab-dependent. An indirect way to ascertain the presence of Lyme is by observing the presence of an herxheimer reaction, or the dying off and release of spriochetel toxins, following the institution of anti-Lyme therapy.

Due to the high concentration of oxygen in the tissues that occurs with HBOT, the Lyme spirochete, which is micro-aerophilic, is debilitated. With HBOT, there may be marked improvement as high as 85% in symptoms. The improvement occurs due to the enhancing of the immune system, the reduction in fatigue secondary to increased oxygen supply to the tissues, and the enhanced action of antibiotics and herbs in the oxygen-enriched environment.

HBOT is a highly effective adjunctive therapeutic option for those whose Lyme disease symptoms are inadequately addressed by antibiotics. Oxygen therapies have been shown to reduce chronic pain, reestablish mental clarity, reduce depression all while decreasing the patients’ need for antibiotics.

There is strong evidence that HBOT can directly kill the Lyme bacteria with oxygen free radicals. Angiogenesis, which is a direct consequence of HBOT, may also play a role permitting managements to get to the bacteria.

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