Menstrual Irregularities


Menorrhagia (Excessive Bleeding)

Many times excessive sex hormones can cause Menorrhagia. This is because this abundant amount can cause tissue overgrowth - which varies depending on the hormone. Estrogen leads to fibroids, testosterone leads to polycystic ovaries, endometrial hyperplasia from excessive estrogen, and endometriosis due to high estrogen levels, ovarian cancer and male hormone androgen.

Possible causes are the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices, iron and vitamin A deficiencies, and hypothyroidism. Additionally, carbohydrate sensitivity that increases levels of insulin many times leading to excessive body fat or obesity, associated with excess circulating estrogen.

Amenorrhea (Absence of periods)

The normal time for a woman to have her period is after puberty, when they are not pregnant, and before menopause. If a woman does not have continuous periods when it is normal to do so, she may suffer from Amenorrhea.

There are two types of this condition primary and secondary.

Primary amenorrhea is when a woman does not get her period by the age of 16. Many times it is caused by a temporary failure of the ovaries and pituitary gland. It could also be an under active thyroid or less commonly, poorly formed reproductive organs.

Secondary amenorrhea is when a woman has had her period then stops getting them (even though she is not pregnant and has not gone through menopause). This can be caused by the same conditions listed for primary. However, other factors may cause secondary amenorrhea including; excess dieting, weight loss, extended exercise (usually due to caloric restriction), extreme emotional stress or tension, and certain birth control medications. Back to Top


Menorrhagia (Excessive Bleeding)

  1. Diet: reduce carbohydrates, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, cocoa, processed foods, soy foods and cruciferous vegetables which increase estrogen dominance
  2. Nutritional Supplements - including multiple vitamins/minerals, calcium, magnesium, and specific herbals
  3. Natural hormone therapies - The Houston Wellness Center uses only natural hormones, not artificial. Usually there is an insufficient amount of progesterone to balance the increased estrogen production therefore the progesterone needs to be supplemented.

Amenorrhea (Absence of periods)

Testing must first be conducted to rule out hormonal causes, pituitary lesions, or poorly formed reproductive organs. Common managements include:

  • Reduce emotional stress/tension if present
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies: most commonly Vitamin A, B, C, and D3 along with other minerals and essential fatty acids
  • Certain Herbal Medicines that act on pituitary to secrete LH - progesterone production Homeopathy - (depending upon whether accompanied by headaches, tiredness, depression, irritability, and exposure to cold or sudden shock)

Overall, Dr. Allibone gets a complete medical background and necessary tests before he compiles a management plan. Each of the management protocols are extremely personalized so that the patient can achieve their optimal health. Back to Top

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