Osteoporosis can be a crippling disease if left unchecked. Especially targeted are women after menopause - the average loss is between 1-3% of bone density. However, it can largely be reduced or avoided with diet, vitamins, supplements, and avoiding factors that increase bone turnover or result in the lack of essential nutrients for proper bone formation. A number of medications that are advocated in the management of this disorder have significant side-effects, relatively modest results, and do not address the underlying factors that are causing accelerated bone loss. Back to Top


Unfortunately Osteoporosis is usually not felt until the severe stages.

  • Extreme back pain
  • Loss of height
  • Stopped posture
  • Painful bone fractures

*This is not a complete list and if you are experiencing these symptoms it is not guaranteed you have Osteoporosis. Back to Top


At the Houston Wellness Clinic, we can determine if you have any risk factors. We can also advise you about dietary habits that you can follow to help increasing calcium deposition. Following exclusion of underlying conditions, which may leads to excessive mineral loss such as thyroid disorders, medications, digestive issues, etc., the mainstay of successful management is restoring normal sex hormone balance with bio-identical hormones, administered under appropriate and well-controlled conditions. Apart from laying out what vitamins and supplements to take, we can also evaluate your need for hormone replacement with bio-identical hormones as well as evaluating adrenal and thyroid function.

Overall, Dr. Allibone is a specialist at finding the root of the problem and managing each patient on an individualized basis. Using this method ensures long lasting management for optimal health. Back to Top

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