Detoxification for Oxidative Stress


The liver dismantles toxic compounds that enter the body. As the blood enters the liver, specialized immune cells and enzymes remove and destroy harmful bacteria, and other foreign material. The liver cells also break down excessive hormones. When the liver's ability to detoxify becomes impaired due to toxic overload, it becomes more difficult to eliminate toxins. These toxins then circulate in the blood and accumulate in fat and muscle. The ability for the liver to function optimally warrants imbalances such as poor digestion, toxic exposure and elimination, poor assimilation of nutrients, immune dysfunction, inflammatory bowel and liver disease, and constipation need to be either avoided, corrected or eliminated.

Once the load on the liver is increased, such that the liver can no longer perform its function of detoxification completely, oxidation reactions occur that produce free radicals that outstrip the ability of enzymatic reactions to process them. The escape of large numbers of free radicals into the bloodstream puts the body into oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may turn into an auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, headache and a host of other conditions. Back to Top


Detoxification therapies are employed to reduce or eliminate the body's toxic load. The proper function of the immune system has to be restored, as well as the optimal functioning of other body systems. By eliminating bad eating habits, ensuring proper digestion, supporting liver function, eliminating toxin exposure, managing drug addictions, and providing a healthy diet with high phytonutrient content we can enable the body to heal and the liver to function optimally. The specialist will also advise you about what high quality anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins to take that support well-being, as well as what digestion supplements are necessary to take that will improve digestion, which may be compromised in the aging population, due to reduced production of secretions, enzymes and hormones.

Overall, Dr. Allibone manages each patient on an extremely individualized plan depending on medical history, test results, body type, etc. Using this specialized approach, the clinic can put each patient on the path to optimal health. Back to Top

If we fill our hours with regrets of yesterday and with worries of tomorrow, we have no today in which to enjoy our existence. Seize the day, and take control of your health and life. How you are going to live those tomorrows will depend on how you act and choose today. - George Allibone M.D.