Poly MVA Therapy

Why Poly MVA is a Great Choice for Anti-Cancer Therapy

Poly MVA was developed in 1995 by Dr. Merrill Garnett and has been coined the world's first non-toxic chemotherapy. It has been proven safe in over 40 years of studies in which amazing results have been recorded. One of its most notable benefits is that it does no harm to non-cancerous cells; therefore, negative side effects are not experienced. Going further, when used alongside traditional therapies, this compound actually helps lessen its toxic side effects and strengthens the body's cells.

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Conditions It Manages

Poly MVA is an extremely unique supplement that can be used as alternative therapy for cancer or as supplemental support along with other traditional cancer approaches. This complex antioxidant-rich formula includes: minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, among other ingredients. In essence, Poly MVA strengthens the body at a cellular level by supporting cellular energy production as well as protecting DNA and RNA.

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Management Plan

At the Houston Wellness Clinic, Dr. Allibone starts by compiling a comprehensive therapy plan based on in-depth analysis of the patient's specific body, blood results, and medical history. If the doctor decides Poly MVA would be a good therapy, the patient is put on an intravenous regiment alongside supplements and an anti-cancer diet/lifestyle plan. In many cases, the Houston Wellness Clinic combines a high-dose vitamin C infusion with intravenous and oral Poly MVA to most effectively fight cancer.

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"I was diagnosed 2 years ago with highly malignant tumor of the brain... 95% of my tumor was removed surgically. I then ambarked on a course of anti-cancer therapy advocated by Dr. Allibone. At present it appears there is no return, or increase in size of the residual tumor..." - William M. (Brain Cancer)