Post-irradiation Diarrhea


This is a vexed problem that may affect patients fairly soon or in later years after radiation (usually for bladder, prostate, other pelvic organs and cancers related to the bowel). There are a number of things that you should do particularly if the onset is early on, particularly to reduce ongoing damage. These measures include reducing oxidative stress from the radiation, increasing oxygen to the tissues, improving the mucosal environment, reducing fibrosis (a result of the radiation), improving nutrition to encourage healing, and excluding complicating infections such as Candida and parasitic infestation.

Later onset often indicates lymphatic stasis secondary to fibrosis as a result of the radiation-effects. Measures to increase lymphatic flow. Supplements to decrease oxidative stress, intravenous therapy to provide nutrients to encourage healing, restoring the bowel flora, useful dietary recommendations that guide you in which foods to avoid and which to eat.

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While management is geared towards encouraging healing and preventing further damage with intravenous therapies and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, management is also geared towards increasing lymphatic drainage, and measures taken to reduce the diarrhea so that absorption of nutrients occurs, that are vital to mucosal healing.

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