If you have been suffering with psoriasis and you have been given lotions and creams to manage the condition, you may get some periods of slight improvement. There is an inside story to Psoriasis: The story begins in the intestinal tracts, which because of your diet, or you have a thin delicately altered bowel wall; toxins are seeping through your bowel wall. There are many reasons for this breakdown, which we will figure out. Once we identify the cause, we eliminate and rebuild the walls.

The excessive production of these toxins that are absorbed overwhelms the liver and kidney detoxifying processes, which then places an extreme burden on the skin to attempt to throw off these toxins. This scenario is the genesis of the skin lesions in Psoriasis.

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At Houston Wellness, we have a detailed plan to deal with this condition. We also institute measures that will deal with specific areas that are unusually affected such as hair, scalp, nails, hands and feet, and arthritis. We know what works in most cases, and what fundamental things we need to change to start the healing process. Essentially, the alleviation, control, healing and regeneration of the surface cells depends upon us insuring adequate drainage of toxins through normal channels of elimination, and not polluting the body any further by allowing the ingestion of elements destructive to the intestinal wall. Your healing will depend on the choices you make.

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