Root Canals


The root canal affects the meridian energy flow to its corresponding organ, which by so doing affects the function of that organ called dental focus. A reaction occurs in the bacteria and the heavy metals of the root canal, resulting in the formation of dimethylsulphite poisoning, this substance weakens the heart and depresses the immune system.

As many as 100% of root canals may be chronically infected, this chronic infection then continues to release bacteria and toxins into the blood stream The bed of the tooth may harbor chronic infection, especially if periodontal membrane is not removed at surgery.

If fillings are used with the root canal, these may release toxic metals into the blood stream. These toxic metals include mercury, lead, copper, tin and even zinc. These toxic metals, in large enough quantities, may give rise to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies and Thyroid dysfunction. Due to heavy metals, which involve the functioning of cells and the immune system, secondary disorders such as Candida Infection, and a Multiple Sclerosis-like conditions can occur.

Due to the chronic infection emanating from the teeth, there may be enzyme-depletion, which in turn leads to inadequate digestion, therefore nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, autoimmune disease, pancreatic hypertrophy and allergies occur. This is rectified with gastric enzyme therapy and pancreatic enzyme therapy (Wobenzyme).

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Removal of the root canal; unless this takes place the underlying problem issues still persist.

Supportive Therapy Includes:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide therapy
  • Enzymes for digestion
  • Immune supportive therapy
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Nutritional support through good diet, vitamins and minerals

Overall, Dr. Allibone manages each patient on an individualized basis however, he specializes in managing the root of the issue not just covering the symptoms. Using this method, the clinic can put each patient on the path to optimal health.

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