Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


This condition occurs when the virus that causes chicken pox lies dormant. When an outbreak occurs there is initially a period of fever, chills, and fatigue. On the 3rd-4th day the skin may become very sensitive. Around the 4th-5th day small blisters form, which then become crusty. The affected area is sensitive and painful. In about 30% of those affected, (usually the elderly), the pain can persist for months to years. In about 2% of cases there are recurrent outbreaks.

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Management Plan

Similar to the managements for other viruses like Herpes Simplex, the general steps are undertaken to remove stresses and toxins, correct the diet, modulate and strengthen the immune system and apply nutritional support combined with specific anti-viral aids. For the local painful eruptions, Capsaicin cream may be of benefit. Occasionally acupuncture, especially electroacupuncture may also help. Tea tree oil, which can be combined with bergamot or lavender, can be used to dry up the blisters.

Overall, Dr. Allibone manages each patient on a very individualized case looking at medical background, lifestyles, test results, etc. so that the root of the problem can be fixed instead of just covering the symptoms. Using this specialized plan puts patients on the path to optimal health.

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