Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the future of medicine enhancing personal health.

Stem cells go in the body where they are needed, and become what the body needs them to become. Our stem cells are from human umbilical cord(HUCT) which are undifferentiated cells with no HLA matching, and which are potent, robust and consistent.

Advantages of HUCT:

  • Anyone can be treated with this method
  • Has the best anti-inflammatory activity
    • (has immune-modulating capacity)
  • Optimum ability to stimulate regeneration
  • Can be administered multiple times in uniform dosages

** For general purposes given intravenously in as little as 10 minutes (for joint problems given intra-articularly)

NOTE: Because HUCT stem cells are less mature, the body’s immune system is unable to recognize them as foreign and so they are not rejected.

(HUCT cells also proliferate or differentiate more efficiently than “older” cells such as those obtained from the bone marrow)

Administration of HUCT are regulated by the AATB, and approved by the FDA (The FDA regulates HUCT through oversight of tissue banks)

Guidelines: The stem cell can only be used for the homologous function of the cell.

If interested there are over 4,000 clinical trials being conducted worldwide: These can be accessed on

Many patients benefit from one treatment although further therapies can be performed every 3-6 months since the stem cells reproduce every 28 hours for 65 generations for approximately 90 days.

Side effects are usually very infrequent with about 2% complaining of mild “flu-like” symptoms. The stem cells should also be given while no anti-inflammatories are administered. (inflammation may be necessary for stem cells to work)

Results are usually apparent in 4-6 weeks but this time period may be shorter or longer.

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