The following are testimonials or thank-you notes that we have received from patients at the Houston Wellness Clinic. If you are interested in learning more about any specific case please feel free to fill out an enquiry form and we can try and answer your questions or possibly put you in contact with the individual patient. The Houston Wellness Clinic sincerely thanks all those who have been willing to share their stories.

Julian S.

Four months ago I got up from my desk and could not walk, I was wheeled out in my office chair and then the journey began. Visited with great and knowledgeable doctors all with the same prognosis, immediate knee replacement surgery, but first I had to have 2 Rooster Shots before Medicare would pay for the surgery. I was in horrific pain, walking was hard, wheel chair and walkers and scooters in grocery stores, pain killers went with the territory. Rooster shots had no impact.

Met with Dr. Allibone who said he would like to take a shot at helpingme with administering PRP, Ozone to try and regenerate the cartilage. If I could avoid knee replacement surgery I would, but if I could not get rid of the pain I would have had to be a candidate for surgery. The recovery is what scared me the most, the odds of complete recover or still live with pain and discomfort.

Shots were administered by Dr. Allibone, within two to three months of commencement of shots, I can say I am pain free, I am taking early morning and evening walks and Thank you to Dr. Allibone I feel like I have my life back again.

I have since read, research was made and that PRP and Ozone administered to animals have seen positive results.

I am grateful and glad to report that the treatment administered to me as been successful with excellent results.

Dr Allibone and his team have treated me in a professional and courteous manner. Houston Wellness Clinic has state of the art equipment for use of therapy that also helps and promotes faster road to recovery.

Julian S.

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Stephanie Busby (Lyme Disease)

What do you say about the person who has given you your life back? It's a priceless gift. Lyme and it's co infections rip away and destroy every detail of your life including who you are. Nineteen years, over thirty specialists, years in the bed, and over twelve surgeries later, my journey finally lead me to Dr. Allibone.

Dr. A is extremely knowledgeable. He cares and treats his patients when all others can't, and/or have given up. There is no challenge he won't face and seek the answers to. I did not know what normal felt like. I now know life without pain and it is beautiful. I will put my life and my families lives in his hands if it's ever needed again. I look forward to living the rest of my life healthy and lyme free. Thank you Dr. Allibone.

Stephanie Busby ~ Lyme Warrior and Survivor

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Rita P (COPD)

Before I started the PRP treatments for my COPD I could not do any routine activities without getting short of breath. I really felt like there was no hope for me. After only the fourth treatment and taking the supplements I noticed that on physical exertion I did not get short of breath and I had so much energy. The difference for me was like night and day. I found myself sleeping all night without needing a breathing treatment and I woke feeling rested. The treatments were quick, easy and painless. I started with two treatments per week and an hour in the HBOT after each treatment.

The staff is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is living life less than what they can. Dr. Allibones' knowledge and compassion for his patients is awesome. I thank him for giving me back what I thought I lost.

Many Thanks,
Rita P

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Anonymous (Cold Sores)

I had a cold sore outbreak around my mouth and on my chin that had been in progress for several days. It was really bad and getting worse. Nothing I was trying at home did anything to help-Lysine, topical silver gel, DMSO cream, high doses of oral vitamin C, oregano oil, avoided coffee, sugar, chocolate and alcohol. It was still oozing and seemed to be getting worse.

I emailed Dr. Allibone and he recommended that I get 2 hours of the FSM treatment and H2O2 IV. So they started an IV and then the nurse applied the FSM to my neck and face. I really thought I was wasting my money and didn't think it would do anything. I even asked the nurse if she had personally seen this work on anyone. She was honest and said she had not. But it was supposed to really work.

At the end of the 2 hours, the oozing stopped. Within a few hours the sores crusted over. At 24 hours, the scabs were gone! The skin was still pink, but it was completely healed over. We did another hour the following day because I was noticing some new white bumps around my mouth, but those never erupted. Normally this would have taken weeks to resolve. But it healed up in 24 hours. All I can say about this treatment is that it really works and it works fast. I know now that I never have to have a bad outbreak again because this treatment will stop an outbreak from the beginning stages.

A big thank you, Dr. Allibone (and staff) for having this treatment available.

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Patricia M (Weight Loss/HCG Diet/Hormones)

I never had a weight problem until I started going through menopause in my early 40's. Each year my weight crept higher & higher. I tried many diets and even went as far as taking Phentermine. Nothing could stop my gradual yearly weight gain. By my 50's I had accepted that I would never win the battle with my weight and pretty much had given up. That was until a coworker told me about the Houston Wellness Clinic & the HCG diet. I immediately made an appointment and met with Dr. Allibone. The first thing that struck me was after reviewing my medical history Dr. Allibone noticed that my sister had died of breast cancer and he asked me why I was taking Premarin. I said it was prescribed to me for my menopausal symptoms. He immediately took me off of that drug and put me on bio-identical hormones. After a few weeks on the bio-identical hormones I was feeling better and my hot flashes were down to a minimum which was something I had not experienced in 12 years. I followed Dr. Allibone's instructions for the three phases of the diet (the loading phase, the low calorie phase & then the three week maintenance phase). If you follow the plan correctly it will reset your body. At the end of the diet I was down 30 lbs. I have been off the diet for four months and even went on a seven day cruise and have maintained my weight loss. I am thrilled with the new me. So many people have asked how I lost the weight and I tell them to go see Dr. Allibone! He is the real deal.

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Calli Saitowitz (Cholesterol/Eye Disorder/Weight Loss/Anti-aging)

When it comes to Dr. George Allibone, I truly include him as one of the many blessings in my life.

Besides having the upper hand of growing up in the same small town in South Africa before we all spread our wings in different directions, what are the odds of finding an old school buddy 35 years later in Houston, Texas.

He had watched me suffer through almost 19 years of sore and itchy eyes in Houston, and red and scaling skin around the eye area. Dr. Allibone had always said some thing can be done and when he opened his clinic I stopped by and he insisted I do a blood test, so he can finally diagnose what is causing the severity of the suffering I had just learnt to live with. Many a dermatologist had seen me and I think I had probably been through every possible type of cream, some with cortisone some without, needless to say, the effects of creams triggering off some or other ailment with the skin eventually caused me to take a back step. Once Dr. Allibone got down to the bottom of my problem and cured the ailment I was hooked.

Dr. Allibone knew I was taking Lipitor for bad cholesterol, he told me he could help me bring down the bad cholesterol, I was desperate, as the drug that I was taking was having an adverse effect on other parts of my body, besides my memory starting to take a dive, I was losing arm strength and the strength of the muscles in my legs started weakening, bending down and then having to fear how I was going to get up did not gel well with me. I stopped my drug and a couple of months later after another test that showed I needed to be back on Cholesterol medication, I visited Dr. Allibone who immediately started with intravenous drips and from there he had me on different dietary supplements. After 6 months we began seeing changes and major improvement but Dr. Allibone will only rest when we reach that perfect number, I am extremely close, he has watched the progress through different blood tests, never rests with additions and changes to tweak the numbers. I feel I have my life back, memory restored, and yes, I can go down and come up, lift my heavy bags so arms are back in action.

Now last but not least I think Dr. Allibone wants the school buddy he knew back to her vibrant young years, to look younger and feel younger, and yes although I no longer feel I am invincible, I am wiser and want to face growing older in years in a healthy and positive way. I want to enjoy every day while Dr. Allibone keeps focused on the balance of my bio identical hormones, my consumption of plant-based anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Dr. Allibone is doing one great job as I feel so much better and have peace of mind, that I am working on this process, makes the regiment of organizing and taking all those different meds (knowing I am not poisoning my body with other chemicals) a really small chore.

Thank you Dr. Allibone for helping me take charge of my life, and yes I am feeling younger and my weight goal one pound short of my 98 lbs. when I was 18. That was 47 years ago.

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Amy Pyle (Chronic Pain)

Dr. George Allibone saved my life, when I came to Dr. Allibone I had already seen 6 different doctors' after less than two months under Dr. Allibone's care, I returned to school and work healthier than I have been in my life. If you are struggling with your health, Dr. George Allibone will not only give you hope, he will give you back your life.

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Name Confidential (Weight Loss/Thyroid Imbalance)

I have had great difficulty losing weight all my adult life. No doctor whether internist or endocrinologist ever could solve this issue. Within a short space time Houston Wellness Clinic discovered I had Reverse T3 syndrome. I am extremely excited about my new thyroid medication that is restoring me to normal thyroid function.

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William Moolman (Brain Cancer)

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with highly malignant tumor of the brain, 95% of my tumor was removed surgically. I then ambarked on a course of anti-cancer therapy advocated by Dr. Allibone. At present it appears there is no return, or increase in size of the residual tumor. In my opinion, if I followed conventional therapy advocated by the cancer specialist in the UK and USA, I believe I would have had the same results as Mr. Ballesteros.

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Gordon Baltzer (High Blood Pressure)

Dear Dr. Allibone, I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for helping me resolve my elevated blood pressure without resorting to being tied to drugs for the rest of my life. Yesterday I had a blood pressure reading of 115/79.....I can't thank you enough!

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Luke S. (Weight Loss/HCG Diet)

I started the HCG diet in mid March 2011 at a starting weight of 323 lbs. I had concerns about the low calorie intake but knew I needed something to kick start a healthier lifestyle. The first 10 days were not very difficult at all and I dropped 11 lbs. The next thirty days of the diet only got easier. I had days when I would have to remember to eat. My hunger just went away completely. I completed the diet at a weight of 289 lbs for a total loss of 34 lbs. I have been off the diet for 4 weeks now and with the help of Dr. Allibone I have lost another 10 lbs. I have done all kinds of diets: Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Slim Fast and not one has given me the results that Dr. Allibone has given me. I could not be happier with my results and the help that Dr. Allibone has given me.

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June A. (Osteoporosis)

Approximately, one year ago I broke my wrist. The Orthopedic surgeon advised me to get a plate and screws to internally stabilize the fracture as I had some underlying osteoporosis. I undertook aggressive intravenous therapy with bone restoration supplements. Within two weeks my fracture had healed. The orthopedic surgeon was so impressed, that he felt that there was no need for operative stabilization of my fractures. To this day I get IV bone restoration together with bio-identical hormone replacement from Houston Wellness Clinic to prevent osteoporosis developing. I am so grateful that I have been exposed to the healing modalities available to me at Houston Wellness with supplements, vitamins, minerals, and hormones that have none of the severe side-effects associated with some prescription medicines.

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Lance (Prescription Medication Side Effects)

For years I have been on prescription medication for several medical issues ranging from depression to allergies. As the list of medications grew, so did the side effects and more prescriptions were prescribed to counteract those side effects. It seemed like a never ending cycle. After meeting with Dr. Allibone, he came up with a management plan including diet, supplements, hormones and IV managements that has me off nearly all my medications and is actually fixing the issues, not just masking them with drugs. What has truly impressed me with Dr. Allibone is that he sits with me and discusses my management, he listens to me and my symptoms and we work together as a team to get my health to where it should be. Dr. Allibone has changed my life.

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Suzanne Marsh (Bone Density)

Dear Dr.Allibone, I had my second hip transplant on Oct 4. Both the surgeon and his physician's assistant were shocked at the quality of the bone in the second hip and told me because of it the surgery took only 1/2 of the time. I think my thanks to you is in high orders. See card...

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Mike (Allergies)

I started seeing Dr. Allibone about five months ago, for severe allergies, swelling in the faces, joint pain, and fatigue. I had a constant sinus infection for 23 years since I moved to Texas. With the Iv therapy, change in diet, and vitamins I have made steady progress. It has taken a lot of hard work from myself and Dr. Allibone, but we have turned the corner. Read Full Testimonial...

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Hayley (Breast Cancer)

When I first came to Houston Wellness Clinic, I was a year past my breast cancer diagnosis. I was looking for someone to who would care about my overall health and not just my cancer. I found Dr. Allibone through a recommendation from one of the eight doctors I was working with at the time. She explained the vast managements HWC offered and how each might help. She was right. When I first started, my hormones were imbalanced, I had tachycardia due to anemia from heavy periods, I was high in heavy metals, and was deficient in many vitamins. I was not in good shape. We began working on each issue and I began to see improvements quickly. Dr. Allibone put me on bioidentical progesterone to balance my hormones and regulate my cycle. This not only helped my energy, acne, and moods, but also helped with my anemia by shortening the amount of blood I was losing during my cycle. He also tweaked my vitamin regiment. I am now on high quality supplements that not only help me fight cancer but also fights the source of my cancer a hormonal imbalance. Also, we started to rid my body of heavy metals through supplements and chelation. Needless to say, I feel like a new person. Slowly, my list of eight doctors began to dwindle down to two, Dr. Allibone and my oncologist. I have full trust in HWC. I am very thankful to have found them.

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