Weight Loss Issues

Underlying Reasons that May Prevent Weight Loss

Having a healthy low calorie diet, along with exercise usually results in weight loss for the average person. However, there are many underlying reasons that make weight loss difficult no matter how hard one tries.

Upon visiting the Houston Wellness Clinic for weight loss, including the HCG diet, Dr. Allibone first conducts adequate tests to find out whether or not an underlying symptom would, or is, preventing weight loss. Only after the tests are conducted will the doctor, along with the patient, determine the best management plan for losing weight.

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Conditions that Prevent Weight Loss

Hormonal Imbalances

    Sex Hormones

    Hormones are continually changing throughout one's life. Sex hormones, specifically estrogen and testosterone, tend to change quite drastically as one gets older. This tends to result in a slower metabolism and therefore difficulties in losing weight. Having unbalanced hormones in either direction, high or low, can drastically affect the body in a negative way. Correcting this hormone imbalance will not only help one lose weight more easily but it can have a positive impact on other possible issues as well.

    Thyroid Hormones

    Thyroid hormones are incredibly important in terms of weight loss. The thyroid is complicated but plays a very critical role in developing the speed of one's metabolism. If the patient is experiencing unusual weight loss results, the thyroid is most likely imbalanced. The term hypothyroidism describes a situation in which the thyroid does not create enough thyroid hormone. Symptoms of this usually include weight gain, lack of energy, dry skin, weakness, cold body, and even depression.

    Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

    Growth hormones affect the entire body and decrease as one gets older. The symptoms are basically what we call typical aging results: decreased energy, lack of sex drive, higher risk of cardiovascular disease, increase in fat, slower metabolism, and loss of muscle. Additionally, when someone has a lower than normal amount of HGH at any point in his or her life, studies have shown it is harder for that person to lose weight.

Candidiasis (Candida)

Candida is basically a fungus (yeast) that affects a large amount of people in the U.S. without many of them knowing. One of the major symptoms of those that are affected is the intense cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Due to these intense cravings, one tends to gain weight because of the inability to resist these highly caloric foods. It is a vicious cycle in that these two food categories make Candida and its symptoms even worse. Many people with Candida also suffer from never-ending hunger, regardless of whether or not they eat a full meal. The combination of intense cravings and never feeling full can obviously make it more difficult to lose weight. Once this fungus is detected, Dr. Allibone compiles a management plan to get rid of it. However, a special diet may still be needed after management to prevent it from coming back.

Heavy Metal Overload

Heavy Metal Overload can hinder weight loss due to its negative effects on the body. Too many heavy metals in the body can infiltrate organs, causing them to work improperly or inefficiently. Thyroid, adrenal, and even sex hormones can be affected by these heavy metals and as previously mentioned, weight gain is possible. In fact, weight loss is very hard to achieve even with a proper diet and exercise program. The first step is to find out what harmful metals are prevalent, and then rid the body of said metals. However, it does not stop there; one must then learn how to avoid letting harmful metals infiltrate the body again so that this process does not need to be repeated more than once.

Food Allergies

Most would not think that food allergies can cause weight gain; however, one must think of both types of food allergies. The most talked about, yet rarest form of food allergies, is called IgE. It affects the skin, airways, and digestive track. The results are very quick to show up once particular foods are consumed. These results include rash, closed airways, stomach pains, and even death. The second type of food allergy is called IgG, and some studies show it affects around 60% of the U.S. population. Its negative reactions include digestive issues, headaches, migraines, asthma, runny nose, and food cravings among others. The food cravings create a vicious cycle because the food that is craved is what the body happens to be allergic to. Weight gain can happen because of these cravings as well as the retention of water that the allergy tends to create.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue mainly happens due to high levels of stress over an extended period of time. The body is designed to be able to deal with stress in that the adrenal gland sends out hormones to help cope with the "fight or flight" instinct one gets when faced with stress. Two negative reactions can occur over time. First, too much cortisol is released from the adrenal gland, causing anxiety, increased appetite, metabolic decline and possible fat gain around the waist. The second reaction takes place when the adrenal gland can only produce so much cortisol before it can no longer keep up, causing it to be fatigued. This results in multiple symptoms such as low energy, mood swings, food cravings, depression, and weight gain. Unfortunately, reducing stress may not be enough to repair the adrenal gland depending on how long it has been over-worked. Management needs to be a multi-faceted approach and may take time. However, many people see that weight loss is much more achievable once the adrenal gland has been normalized. This also helps to suppress other symptoms that hinder weight loss.

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Management Plan

Overall, the doctor must first analyze what your particular body is going through. This customization allows any underlying symptoms to be discovered and corrected so that you have a fair chance at losing weight and keeping it off. Once this process is complete, a healthy diet plan based on each individual is constructed. This plan oftentimes includes HCG, allowing for great success in not only reaching your initial weight loss goal, but staying fit and healthy for years to come.

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"If you follow the plan correctly it will reset your body. At the end of the diet I was down 30 lbs. I have been off the diet for four months and even went on a seven day cruise and have maintained my weight loss. I am thrilled with the new me..." - Patricia M.